Exhibit Lending

Exhibits are a great way to present educational materials to your patrons. The Independence Public Library has committed to creating a new exhibit each quarter during 2017. In January we opened Leonardo da Vinci: The Renaissance Man, followed by in April, The “Entitled” Generation: Past, Present, Equality. We will open Hidden Figures: Celebrating minorities in STEM in July, and our final exhibit will open in October discussing Jonestown and the People’s Temple.

Each exhibit as a total of 10 panels each measuring 3′ x 6′. The vinyl panels can be hung on a wall using Command 3M hooks. Currently, at this time the Independence Public Library does not have the resources to provide the stands shown in the pictures.

Libraries throughout Kansas are invited to host this exhibit for 6 weeks at a time following it’s run at the Independence Public Library. For more information please contact Brandon West at brandon@iplks.org.

Currently Available Exhibits

Leonardo da Vinci: The Renaissance Man

Leonardo da Vinci, the artist, inventor, scientist, and Renaissance Man. He set the trends in all that he did and thought outside of the current polymath thinking. Most known for his flying machines, the Mona Lisa, and The Last Supper, da Vinci born from a Notary and a peasant woman becoming one of the most identified names in the world. Leonardo has inspired individuals throughout history, from fellow artists to modern authors.







The “Entitled” Generation: Past, Present, Equality

Throughout history, previous generations have made accusations towards younger generations that they are lazy and entitled. In 2016, the United States witnessed one of the most brutal elections in modern history. Accusations towards the millennial generation (persons born between 1980 and mid-1990) made headlines weekly. Yet, this generation is the most diverse generation to ever exist in the United States of America. The diversity in this generation ranges from socioeconomic status to racial, sexual, and religious identification. The “Entitled” Generation focuses on nine key civil rights movements: African American, Americans with Disabilities, Asian American, Hispanic American, Jewish American, LGBT American (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender), Middle Eastern American, Native American, and Women’s Rights.