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Patron Faxing

Use this form to send faxes for customers. This fax forms is for library staff only, do not share this form with the public.

    Public Fax Form

    Staff Fax Form

    This form is to send library/staff related faxes. This form will send the confirmation to your personal email address.

      Library Fax Form

      use your first name as it appears in your email address.


      1. You will scan the document to indylibrary@ (“Send Fax pt.1” Shortcut Button in the address book (it is the first square on the copier))
      2. Log into the following email account on your desktop.
        1. indylibrary@
        2. See email or ask Jeri for password.
      3. Download the file that was sent to indylibrary@
      4. Open the Fax Link from the desktop or bookmarks.
      5. Type the fax number in the “Fax Number” field. Do not use any spaces, dashes, or periods.
      6. Upload the PDF you just downloaded from indylibrary@ File size can not be more than 5MB and has to be a PDF format (I can add other file extensions if need be).
        1. If the fax is larger than 5MB, either break the fax up into multiple parts or send it the previous way following the attached document.
      7. Click Submit
      8. Confirmation will be sent to indylibrary@

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