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Your commitment of a gift to the Independence Public Library is the strongest statement of support that you can make for the Library. As one of the cornerstones and critical indicators of a democratic society, the Library benefits community members with the information they need to live informed lives; free to read, listen, and view, and become engaged citizens. With circulation rates increasing among patrons and library classes and event attendance growing, the need for a strong library has never been greater. With cuts to state and federal funding, community financial support is of critical importance to the longevity and quality
of the library.


Now, more than ever, the Independence Public Library needs the support of individuals, companies, and philanthropic foundations to ensure that this historic and dynamic institution can continue its long and proud service into the future. The reduced basic funding provided by local government is not sufficient.
Your tax-deductible gift will provide a continuing source of income and ensure that the community will always have the resources of the Library available.


You can give the gift of access to ensure the Library will be enjoyed by the entire community. Your sustained gift to the Independence Public Library is a tax-deductible monthly donation, that will help provide for the long-term financial strength and security of one of the area’s premier cultural and educational institutions.


Independence Public Library invites you to be a part of a sustained donor group. By giving monthly, you demonstrate a strong commitment to your library and recognize the need for a steady, predictable stream of income.


Setting up your monthly sustained donation is easy! If you would like your gifts to be charged to a credit card each month, complete the form by clicking on the “Donate Now” button, or downloading the brochure in the bottome left corner of the screen. The completed form can be mailed to the library or returned during operating hours. If you ever wish to change or cancel your donation, just give us a call or send us a message.


  • Convenience. You don’t have to worry about remembering to go online and donate, or to mail a gift each year.
  • Maximum giving impact. Your contributions of smaller amounts over time may be easier on your budget than a lump sum and allow you to give more per year. For instance, if you decide to give $25 per month over a year, you might not feel that amount cut into your budget like a single $300 deduction.
  • Reliability for your library. The library can better plan for our needs over time when we know there are monthly gifts pledged. Of course, you can always change, pause or cancel your recurring gift if the need arises.
  • Personalized communications. As a sustained donor, you’ll receive exclusive emails throughout the year so you can be the first to learn about the programs, services, collections and facilities your gifts funded.
  • Eco-friendliness. Automated withdrawals don’t require envelopes or checks, and the library can send you fewer appeal mailings knowing you are already making regular gifts.
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