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Need to print a file from your laptop or phone? The Independence Public Library has wireless printing available for library cardholders. You must be in the building and connected to the Independence Public Library wifi to access wireless printing. If you do not have an IPL card please see the front desk for a temporary number.

Steps to Wireless Printing From Your Device:

  1. Follow the link here, or click the big red button that says “Print Here.” A new tab will open.
  2. Enter the last 5 digits of your Independence Public Library barcode.
  3. Accepting our policies are required to use our wireless print services. If you agree to our policies, click the “I AGREE” button, otherwise click the “CANCEL” button.
  4. Select a Printer
    1. Black and White Prints are $0.10
    2. Color Prints are $0.25
  5. Click “Browse” and locate the file to print on your device.
  6. Click “Upload” and remember your Print Job ID, you will need it to retrieve your print job.
  7. Click “Print”
  8. Check the charges and if correct click “Confirm.” The entire document will be printed, printing a selected range is currently not supported.
  9. Your Document is now ready at the Print Release Station located by the black and white printer on the first floor (next to the restrooms).

Steps At the Print Release Station:

  1. On the screen tap or move the mouse to click “Release Wireless Print Job.”
  2. Enter your 5 digit IPL card number.
  3. Find your print job on the screen and click it.
  4. Click “Print.
  5. Pick your print up at the designated printer.
    1. If you do not have money on your account you can follow the on screen steps to add money.
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