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What is Open Access?

Similar to a gym membership, your library card grants you access to borrow and return items, collect holds, use computers and study spaces, read newspapers and magazines, look up books, and utilize essential library services. Open Access doubled the Independence Public Library’s hours from 42 hours a week to 98 hours, giving cardholders access to the library seven days a week from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Through an automated system and increased surveillance, Open Access allows patrons to use the library after regular operating hours, without staff on duty.

Why Open Access?

Open Access increases the community’s ability to use the library by 200%, and increased the sustainability of the library, making it recession-proof. Behind every great city, is an innovative library. With Open Access, IPL provides extended hours for busy families, professionals, and individuals. IPL is creating an engaged community that has equal access to a world of information. Open Access allows library cardholders to utilize the library on weekends, without increasing your taxes!

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