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Cultivate Indy is a program that helps individuals discover their entrepreneurial dreams and achieve their goal of starting and running a successful small business. Beginning at the development phase, Cultivate Indy walks participants through the entire process from idea to launch to growth. Participants will advance through stages using BeanStack, a web and app-based program that allows them to complete requirements at a convenient pace for them. Requirements are broken down into phases: Development, Business Plan, Business Formation, Marketing, and Growth. At each stage are built-in checkpoints for participants to check-in and receive feedback. Participants will also earn membership incentives such as memberships to FabLab ICC, Independence Chamber of Commerce, and Independence Main Street.

Eight Life Lessons from an Unlikely Entrepreneur will guide you through this course. Based on over a decade of research, each lesson contains video case studies featuring various real-world, “unlikely” entrepreneurs who have embraced the core concepts of an entrepreneurial mindset. Ice House is designed to empower learners by exposing them to entrepreneurial thinking while immersing them in entrepreneurial experiences that will enable them to develop creativity and critical thinking, practical problem solving, communication, teamwork, and other entrepreneurial skills – skills that will allow them to succeed regardless of their chosen path.

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