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The American Library Association (ALA), with the support of, is launched an initiative to identify and scale successful entrepreneurship programs in public libraries across the US and create learning resources for any library to support entrepreneurs in its community.
Cultivate Indy is a program that helps individuals discover their entrepreneurial mind set and achieve their dreams of starting and running a successful small business. Beginning at the development phase, Cultivate Indy walks participants through the entire process from idea to launch, to growth.

Participants will advance through stages using BeanStack, a web and app based program that allows you to complete requirements at a pace that is convenient for them. Requirements are broken down by phases: Development, Business Plan, Business Formation, Marketing, and Growth. Each phase has a series of requirements that can be completed from anywhere. The Independence Public Library will work to ensure that all have access to the resources needed for participants to succeed in their endeavors.  Most resources are available for patrons to use remotely, with state-of-the art technology available at the library. Patrons are encouraged to also register for IPL’s Open Access service to access the library at their convenience.

Already established small businesses can contact Brandon West at to discuss how this program can be adapted to help further your growth.

Cultivate Indy Program

1. Development

During this phase participants will learn about the design thinking process, and begin working on developing their goods or services.

2. Business Plan

Creating a business plan can be overwhelming. This phase IPL will provide participants with the resources they need to effectively lay out a business plan.

3. Business Formation

Navigating the IRS and funding can be a challenge, but this phase will walk you through setting up the required government legalities needed to keep your business compliant with local, state, and federal regulations.

4. Marketing

You are ready to launch your small business, but how will you attract customers? This phase will allow participants to discover the ease of marketing.

5. Growth

Learn how to grow your business, and achieve your goals.

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